Coservit release a ground breaking lead generation tool for Salesforce users

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LeadSeed enables efficient sales processes for the identification, qualification, nurture and development of sales opportunities within the Salesforce environment.

Antony Young, CMO of Coservit, stated “We’re really excited by the latest development in the LeadSeed portfolio. Lots of companies using Salesforce for CRM or forecasting are also looking for sales growth through improved quantity and quality of leads. They can now do it all in one place and provide real value to their prospects and sales team during a campaign.”

LeadSeed integrates seamlessly with Salesforce by directly mapping identified projects to the Salesforce opportunity funnel for streamlined management and reporting.  It’s easy to use and fits within the application that SalesForce users already know and use daily.

The power of LeadSeed lies in the BI engine, which uses predictive analysis to identify potential opportunities.  This engine is entirely customisable but it also contains pre-defined themes and subject matter, such as Cloud Computing, Business Process Innovation, Mobility, Print & Document Management, IT Infrastructure or Facility Management.

Coservit’s innovative platform builds on the concept of Salesforce automation by extending the process to the sales conversation.  The structure and signposting within the application supports sales people to have professional, confident conversations with customers to improve opportunity identification rates.


“We estimate that the efficiencies offered by LeadSeed could help sales teams to identify as many as 25% more opportunities.” 


Leadseed with salesforce

salesforce SFLeadSeed enables sales people to gather profiling information in an intelligent, structured manner regardless of their sales experience or expertise on the specific subject matter.  The information gathered is translated within the LeadSeed BI engine to generate a personalized report delivering appropriate commercial and technical arguments and insights to the customer or prospect.

Since all the information is stored within Salesforce, sales people can easily revisit prospects where longer term projects have been identified, providing a structured and efficient nurture pipeline.   The marketing function also benefits from being able to mine the responses in order to develop targeted marketing campaign follow up.

LeadSeed for Salesforce is available in two formats for the consistent delivery of targeted activities.  Discovery is designed for rapid qualification of a large number of contacts, usually through a telesales function.  360 is designed for account managers looking to further develop existing customer accounts.

In conclusion, Young comments “Sales growth comes from improved focus and efficiency.  LeadSeed delivers both of these.  The subject matter focus is a to key success for product marketing managers who need sales to stay on message.  We will continue to offer integrations with other platforms, as we have already with Marketo, Eloqua and now Salesforce to further enhance process efficiencies and improve ROI.”


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