Partnering with Coservit

Coservit Go To Market strategy :

  • Focus on our software editor business activity and value
  • Market and deliver our Software solutions via Channel Partners
  • Extend functional perimeter of our Software Solutions via smart integration with complementary technology providers

Why partnering with Coservit ?

  • Commercial Partners: by becoming a Commercial Partner, whether you are an integrator, a wholesaler, a consulting organization or a marketing agency, you will be able to develop additionnal consulting, integration or practice services towards your customers or prospects
  • Technology Partners: by becoming a Technology Partner, whether you are a software editor or a hardware maker or both, integrating with our solutions will enable each of us to build a broader value proposition based on a superior product

Becoming a Coservit Partner:

  • The first step is to determine and select which Coservit relationship will best match your company’s products, services, expertise and business goals.
  • Coservit proposes 2 categories of partnerships, Commercal or Technology on each of our software Solutions LeadSeed and ServiceNav
  • Please send us a Partner Application form and we will promptly come back to you

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