Who We Help


Lead Seed is designed specifically for sales and marketing departments to improve success and efficiency. The software has three different solutions targeted to different challenges.

LeadSeed helps sales by:

  • Increasing lead-to-sale conversion rates
  • Supporting training with a meaningful call to action
  • Broadening scope of sales enquiries
  • Improving efficiency of sales engagements
  • Improving quality and consistency of sales follow up
  • Providing tracking and monitoring of opportunities

LeadSeed helps marketing by:

  • Stimulating prospect engagement
  • Improving lead identification and qualification
  • Collecting rich prospect data
  • Aligning sales with marketing activity
  • Improving lead acceptance rates
  • Providing valuable digital campaign content
  • Providing reporting and CRM integration


The purpose of ServiceNav is to make simplify network monitoring and reporting to drive:

ServiceNav differentiates itself from other network infrastructure management products through its superior reporting capability. This provides additional commercial advantages alongside the technical management features you would expect from a product in this class.

Service Providers

As a service provider, ensuring service availability is your number one technical priority.

ServiceNav not only helps you to run your operations efficiently, it also provides you with the comprehensive reporting you need to differentiate your business from competitors.


ServiceNav provides reporting on service availability that is Board-Level friendly.

Making the business case for investment in further infrastructure or human resources is easier with business-centric planning and budgeting reporting.

IT Managers

ServiceNav provides you with the information you need to get on with ensuring that IT is being run as efficiently and effectively as possible. The automated reports and dashboards provide the information you need to keep track of key assets in your environment (hardware and software) as well as tracking the overall health of services.

Systems administrators

Fast deployment and configuration means that “real” service data can be available within a couple of hours.

Tailored views show hardware and software issues in the context of the affected services to aid prioritisation of tasks.

A mobile app enables engineers to be aware of, and responsive to, service incidents whilst away from the office