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ServiceNav delivers
fast and accurate insight

Our fully customisable IT monitoring software delivers fast and accurate insight to support proactive management and preventative maintenance of the IT environment.

ServiceNav is IT monitoring software that delivers fast and accurate insight to support proactive management and preventative maintenance of the IT environment.

  • Measure IT service availability
  • Proactively plan maintenance
  • Avoid unplanned downtime
  • Pinpoint capacity issues

The intuitive user interface abstracts the detail from a wide range of alerts to present actionable, meaningful information on every part of the IT infrastructure.

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“Technically excellent

The purpose of ServiceNav is to make IT monitoring and reporting simple.

ServiceNav provides deep insight where it is needed; offering real time metrics on over 800 checkpoints covering hardware, software, licenses and applications. Candidate checkpoints are automatically detected by the agentless platform and system and service health is presented in visually accessible way.  Ensuring that the right information gets to the right person at the right time, the user defined dashboard makes the task of IT management simple by filtering notifications to present key alerts tailored to the recipient’s needs.

ServiceNav is fast to deploy and easy to use:

  • On premise or SaaS
  • Agentless installation
  • Automated discovery
  • Pre-configured checkpoints
  • Import of configurations from existing tools
  • An intuitive web interface
  • Mass deployment of configuration policies

powerful insight”

Reports are designed to be easy to understand by highlighting the most important information to the reader, whether that be a customer, Technical Director or CEO.

The reports provide rapid and accurate insight at the required level of detail for any part of the environment for any period of time. Simply choose a report template, a mailing policy, and ServiceNav does the rest. The performance analysis module transforms raw data from the technical monitoring into useful management information. As well as documenting service levels and availability, customised reports can also identify capacity concerns, and recurring issues, to support planning and investment decision making.

The reporting component of ServiceNav offers customisable levels of detail to support:

  • Fast, easy and comprehensive IT environment documentation
  • Service levels adherence validation
  • Infrastructure planning and investment