LeadSeed for Salesforce

LeadSeed effortlessly integrates with Salesforce to measurably improve new business efficiency.

LeadSeed’s seamless processes and structured solution selling approach go beyond lead generation.


Available natively within Salesforce, it delivers outstanding opportunity qualification and project identification, driving additional value-based sales and marketing campaign ROI.



Designed with the end point of sales growth in mind, LeadSeed for Salesforce promotes the practice of solution selling through the use of structured and signposted conversations with prospects and customers.

The responses gathered feed into the business intelligence engine to automatically identify potential projects for sales nurture within Salesforce along with a feedback report document for the prospect which immediately positions a solution and demonstrates value.  Projects are converted into Salesforce opportunities when they become active pipeline and then flow through standard Salesforce processes.

3 Step Process

Sales call supported by structured questions and signposted next steps

Prospect responds directly into Salesforce so that you capture each and every piece of data.


leadseed process
LeadSeed business intelligence engine interprets the prospects’ responses

LeadSeed auto-generates a list of potential projects so that you don’t miss any opportunities.


LeadSeed Diagram
Sales person identifies immediate opportunities 

LeadSeed converts projects to Salesforce opportunity pipeline and the remaining pipeline is secured for the future with no leakage.

Why LeadSeed for Salesforce?

Not just another tool

Integration within Salesforce builds on a familiar tool, keeps all data within the same environment and identified projects to become opportunities within established processes.

Increases utilization of Salesforce CRM

By providing a valuable additional function within Salesforce, LeedSeed increases data capture for long term nurture by both sales and marketing.

Increased sales competence

Productivity is improved through structured questioning, identifying more projects for longer term development and therefore puts more into the funnel.

Provides valuable automated follow-up reports

The professionally, branded report is sent automatically to the customer/prospects and the sales person to define next steps, position potential solutions and demonstrate value.

Ensures less leakage out of pipeline

At the same time as increasing leads within the funnel, LeadSeed for Salesforce minimizes the chance of leads being neglected or not followed up, increasing conversions and providing closed loop ROI tracking.

Download the app at: salesforce-appexchange-logo

How do I use LeadSeed for Salesforce?

LeadSeed for Salesforce is available in two modules called Discovery or 360.  These sit alongside a stand alone complementary third module called Self Assessment which can be used to amplify the messages promoted by your sales teams through digital marketing campaigns.

Your objective will determine which module is the right one for your organization:



A structured telephone conversation to assess needs, position a solution and demonstrate value.



A consultative selling approach providing in depth insight and comprehensive analysis.



An online assessment integrated into a digital campaign allowing users to self-diagnose and qualify (note that this is a separate module, not integrated into Salesforce).

LeadSeed for Salesforce could help your organization achieve more sales growth.


leadseed diagram