Coservit signs up to Marketo ’s LaunchPoint programme

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Coservit is delighted to announce its status as a Marketo LaunchPoint Partner. LaunchPoint offers hundreds of applications that complement and integrate into Marketo’s customer engagement platform.




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Coservit product LeadSeed enables marketers to engage potential customers with a dynamic survey tool as part of a digital marketing campaign.  Designed for complex solutions selling, the app surveys prospects on criteria pertinent to a specific solution or product.  The application matches responses to the seller’s value proposition and delivers a personalized report to the prospect.

Also available in two sales modules for telesales or account management engagement with existing customers, LeadSeed now integrates with Marketo to match a respondent’s survey results back to their record within Marketo to ensure that all available intelligence on the customer or prospect is held in one place.

“We know that having a single view of a customer is important as marketers are challenged with data from multiple points of engagement.  Our integration with Marketo means that customers can benefit from the powerful insight that LeadSeed provides, without needing to be concerned about how to link it back to their central information hub.” Commented Jean-Luc Lecolleter, Associate & Business Development Director at Coservit.

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