The Self-Assessment enables marketers to boost Demand Gen activities

LeadSeed is an efficient and scalable lead generation tool, providing personalized content to the prospect in real time while presenting you with deep insight into their situation, priorities and plans.

The platform integrates with major marketing software automation and CRM systems such as SalesForce and Marketo for seamless leads workflow.

LeadSeed Self-Assessment addresses marketing challenges by:

  • Providing an innovative way to increase customer engagement
  • Delivering a personalized content
  • Identifying and qualifying leads
  • Engaging the sales team more meaningfully in follow up

Experience a Self-Assessment through the eyes of one of your prospects.  A sample report will be emailed to you at the end of the process.

Self-Assessment example


Pulling in prospects

Pulling in prospects

The Self Assessment can be deployed as part of a digital marketing campaign including email, social media and pay-per-click web advertising. Prospects are engaged by offering them a personalized report comparing their responses on your chosen subject matter to industry best practice or benchmarks.

Instant feedback

Instant feedback

When the respondent completes the assessment, they receive an immediate report based on information they have provided. The report compares their situation to best practice and provides suggested solutions and next steps based on your defined criteria.


Turning insight into opportunities

When deployed on a large scale, the self assessment tool can provide data to enable trend analysis and market segmentation to inform future marketing strategies and messaging.

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Key features & benefits

 For your company
  • Innovative approach
  • ROI tracking
  • Dynamic branded content
  • Structured discussion guide
  • Sales support tool

Report self-assessment

Dashboard self assessment

For your customers
  • Free, personalized analysis report
  • Instant feedback
  • Valuable insight to improve their business
  • Self service at any time on any device

Customizable at every step

The Self-Assessment landing page is personalized to your brand, the questions are tailored to gather the information you need and the report is designed to position your solution most effectively.

Prospects are invited to participate in the assessment via email, social media campaigns  or paid advertising and are attracted by a compelling message that we help you to create.



“We chose to use the Coservit Self-Assessment as part of our digital marketing campaign because we needed to have tangible leads for partners to work on. The other elements of the campaign worked well to create awareness and to educate prospects. The Coservit tool helped to identify where those prospects were within the sales funnel. The product itself is innovative and the Coservit team worked proactively with us to tailor it to our particular needs, leading to a very successful campaign for us”.

L. BADIER – SMB Marketing Director, Microsoft

“We have closed significant business in the pilot stage of this project. When sales cycles are usually months long, it is great to have been able to run a marketing campaign which has generated real pipeline in a relatively short time. The Coservit team was there throughout the project to guide us on how to be most effective quickly. I’m delighted to…” Read more about the pipeline generated.

D. MOURGUES – Partner Account Manager – OEM, Microsoft