Alternative to Nagios

ServiceNav is an IT services monitoring and reporting application which current Nagios users will love – from the ease of deployment to its low administrative overhead and simple licensing model.

ServiceNav is a key element in a blended solution of Nagios and proprietary software.  Combined with support services, it allows you to retain the flexibility of open source development and benefit from the code quality, development rigour and formal support of a commercial offering.  ServiceNav is the key to plugging the gaps inherent in open source such as reporting and integration. Plus, the mobile application lets you stay in control of your service delivery responsibilities 24/7.

Services Directors and Service Delivery Managers managing internal and external customer alike are well catered for with zero-cost business-centric reports that avoid technical jargon and confusing detail to give a clear view of bottom-line service delivery.  Reports can be tailored to specific business and market sector requirements, allowing for “at a glance” understanding of delivery performance as well as indicating where to concentrate resources to drive future improvement.

ServiceNav meets the following needs:

  • Measure IT services availability
  • Reduce IT monitoring & management administrative overhead
  • Meaningful, zero cost business reports
  • Define Service Level Agreements
  • Relate support activities to business goals
  • Model business services


Building on what’s familiar

ServiceNav offers a management experience that is familiar, but simpler, to administer from day one by offering the ability to import configurations from an existing Nagios implementation.  Our GUI driven interface enables simple configuration of all these typical Nagios objects:

  • Services
  • Service Groups
  • Hosts
  • Host Groups
  • Contacts
  • Contact Groups
  • Commands
  • Time Periods
  • Notification Escalations
  • Notification and Execution Dependencies
See what our Nagios user customers say about ServiceNav:

With scalability up to 20,000 servers, ServiceNav can accommodate your businesses dynamic growth beyond your ambitions for Nagios.


Intuitive interface

Instead of entering this code to create a contact in Nagios: nagios_contact Use the ServiceNav Wizard: servicenav_contact
Instead of entering this code to create a notification in Nagios: nagios_notification Use the ServiceNav Wizard: servicenav_notification