ServiceNav Feature Videos

This page offers a range of short videos introducing particular features of ServiceNav


Discovery is the logical starting point for any ServiceNav implementation.
This video shows you how to undertake a discovery, and the benefits.

IT Weather

ServiceNav’s unique view of IT service or business application health
using a familiar weather analogy is introduced in this video.


The ability to put managed devices into maintenance is a valuable feature for MSPs
to maintain accurate service availability reporting and inform customers.

Management Accounts

Management accounts in ServiceNav permit efficient application
of credentials across a broad range of monitored devices


For MSP’s of all sizes, the ability to monitor all their customers through a single interface is paramount for effective service delivery. This video shows what Multi-tenancy means in practice.




ServiceNav is underpinned by its library of monitoring checks. In this video we introduce Service and Host templates; the building blocks of comprehensive monitoring.

User Services

This video shows the benefits of User Services, the basis of our IT Weather view, as a vehicle for business service monitoring.