ServiceNav 4.7 – Network Analysis Widget, Discovery Enhancements, Action Template, Service Templates

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Dataviz – Network Analysis Widget

Unleash the power of the NetworkAnalysis-NetFlow and NetworkAnalysis-sFlow service templates, available since ServiceNav 4.0.

Designed to work in concert with these service templates, the Network Analysis widget permits accurate analysis of network flows, and effective bottleneck detection.

If you have not implemented this monitoring in your environment yet,  let yourself be guided by one of our expert consultants:

Use case: you are responsible for application or network administration, and want to detect and effectively treat bottlenecks between your different application elements; to improve service quality, and user perception.

Discovery- use the protocols used during discovery in setting monitoring

When discovering a device using  SNMP v2 / v3, when configuring the monitoring, the applied service templates  are now based on the discovery protocol used.

Use case: during discovery, make monitoring of SNMP devices v2 / v3 quicker and more accurate, by use of service templates dedicated to the protocol used.

Action Template: Call URL Service

Action templates are very useful for automatically restarting a service, or running a script on a device, when that device or one of its services undergoes a status change.

We are enriching this feature with the Call URL Service template, which allows the calling of a URL (GET or POST), to which it is possible to pass ServiceNav variables.

This template is also highly customisable (URL called, state(s) trigger, trigger during maintenance, …)

Use case: when a service status changes to CRITICAL, the webservice URL of an orchestration tool is called, along with the information related to the host/service and the current status.

is call triggers the creation of a ticket, the dialling of an on-call number, and corrective actions on the device; all without human intervention.



User account – standalone password change

The password can now be changed directly in the application, by the user, via their user preference menu, accessed here:


Service Templates




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