ServiceNav 4.5 – Dataviz Enhancements, Extended Tag Management, New Plugins

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Dataviz – Enhancements

New Dataviz enhancements are here!

Gauge widget – Minimise mode – 100% use of available space

The display of the value in the gauge widget now fills the full size of the widget, to improve its readability.

Use case : my team has a dashboard displayed via shared mode (dashlink), on a high resolution TV screen. The main part of my dashboard is made up of gauges in minimise mode, allowing me to follow the value of different critical metrics for my activity. The large size display of these values optimises readability.


Favourite “Filter” in the dashboard list

The list of Dataviz dashboards can sometimes be confusing, especially when each team has their own.

To make life easier, we’ve added a filtering option, which allows you to focus on Favorite Dashboards only (including the default one). This filtering also applies to the automatic scrolling feature, which allows you to choose which dashboards you want to scroll, and thus concentrate on the information of value to you.

Use case : I have 2 dashboards that must be monitored by the Network / Operations support team. These dashboards are identified as favorites /  and become default for all members of this team, once the filter is active. These are no longer surrounded by other dashboards, and the information is  monitored more easily.






Configuration – Tag improvements

Available in many previous releases at Hosts level, and  useful for filtering and categorization of the managed estate, we now introduce significant Tag improvements.

User Services Tags

It is now possible to assign Tags to User Services via Configuration tab > User Services:

A filter and an additional column have also been added to this screen:

Addition of “Tag” column to Hosts list

The Tag column has been added to the list in the menu Configuration> Hosts > List, so that you can more easily view the Tags linked to a device, without having to drill into the details of its configuration.

Tag for managed clients

Until now, Tags could only be defined at partner level .

It is now possible to create Tags at the level of a managed client; in order to use Tags in the context of the client.

These Tags are visible only at the client (or its sites) level in the Monitoring filtering, as well as in the dashboard configuration. They are not visible at the level of the partner to which the client is linked.

Other improvements

The “Category” field is now mandatory on service templates, to maximize consistency when /creating/editing reports (utilising this field).

It is now possible, in the user profile, to set the default page as “Dataviz”, in order to smooth the switch to this “preferred” new module.


New plug-ins







REMINDER: in accordance with our strategy to transition to Ubuntu 16.04 SNBoxes, and as indicated in the release note for 4.3.0, new plug-ins are no longer deployed to the Ubuntu 12.04 version SNBoxes  since 4.3.0.

UK ServiceNav Product Development Manager; my priority is to be needful of the particular requirements of all ‘English-speaking’ markets where ServiceNav is sold. I have over 20 years experience of the IT monitoring field - covering a wide variety of products and technologies.

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