ServiceNav 4.4 – Timeline developments, improved ergonomy

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Improvement of the timeline

Following on from the developments announced in  version 4.3, related to the display of tickets and acknowledgements, we continue to improve the timeline in order to centralize and represent in time the different interventions performed on an element.

Adding maintenance information

Maintenance periods are now displayed on the timeline, and represented by a stripped ribbon.

“Previous” and “Next” Buttons

New “Previous” and “Next” buttons on the timeline allow you to quickly navigate between status changes, facilitating rapid analysis.


Important note: these changes are possible courtesy of our new Big Data architecture, and will be available first via the Dataviz module, before being more generally available..

Improved ergonomics

Floating menus

On all  screens containing lists, the menus are now floating. This allows access to key features at any time, without having to scroll back to the top of the list.

Validation of windows by the “Enter” key

Item creation and configuration windows can now be ‘applied’ using the “Enter” key.

Warning about Deleting a User Service Component

When deleting a Host/ Service/ User Service that is a component of a User Service, confirmation is requested, and the list of components involved is available for download (as a csv).

New plug-ins





Patch details

Monitoring – Plug-ins

[Box] Network_traffic_Plus_SNMPV3 – check_snmpv3_traffic_plus: Error on type argument 16

[Box] DATACORE-PS- * – Error in case of password with special characters

[Box] plugin file not removed from box

[Box] ‘check_netapp_ontap_aggregate_health’ command erroneous

[Box] MS-Azure-PaaS-ServiceBusNamespace_status: problem in the command

[Box] ServiceNav-Usage-Monitoring: transition to UNKNOWN state


[Widget] Unable to change the dependencies of an SUT

[Gauge / Graph Widget] When removing all filters erratic behavior

[Gauge Widget] Thousand separator displayed for decimal value

[Widget Map] Centered Text in Full Screen Detail Cards

[Widget] Can not add an image in title

UK ServiceNav Product Development Manager; my priority is to be needful of the particular requirements of all ‘English-speaking’ markets where ServiceNav is sold. I have over 20 years experience of the IT monitoring field - covering a wide variety of products and technologies.

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