ServiceNav 4.3 – Dashlink, Timeframe improvement, Azure PaaS objects Plugins

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Dashlink – a new way to collaborate with Dataviz dashboards

Would you like to be able to share part of the management console with clients, internal or external, without giving them rights in ServiceNav?

With the Dashlink feature, share your Dataviz dashboards using a simple link!

Available in the EDIT mode of all your Dataviz dashboards

The shared dashboard is displayed (read-only), by a simple call to the URL:

In shared mode, no authentication is required, and so no editing or access to drill-down details is possible.

Find more information in the documentation !

Timeline improvements – tickets and acknowledgements

Now find the history of tickets and acknowledgments on the timeline (“history” tab of the details sheet).

Important note: this information is provided by the new Big Data architecture, and will be available first via the Dataviz module, before being generally available.

End of updates to Ubuntu 12 ServiceNav Boxes

As announced in the release note for version 4.0, the Ubuntu 12.04 LTS version on which the ServiceNav Box is based was no longer updated or supported since April 2017.

Complete support of these boxes will end as follows:

  • ServiceNav Box U12 collection plug-ins are no longer updated as of version 4.3.0.
    Security updates will always be provided.

Initially scheduled for 01/06, an additional period of one month has been granted.

  • more information will be provided on 01/09

To help you prepare for this migration and know which ServiceNav Boxes need migrating, we remind you that there is, as part of all self-monitoring, a check showing the curent version of the OS on the box.

Since version 4.0, we offer a script to ease this migration. Please refer to the documentation.

New plug-ins

New plug-ins and improvements are also appearing in this new version.

Azure PaaS Objects






Other developments

Collecter – Plug-ins

EMC-VNX-DiskStatus, support the disk status “Unbound”  for the status of hot spares
check_ms_mssql_request – Management of nagios thresholds
EMC-VNX-CacheStatus – Incompatible with EMC VNX Bay CLI
VMWare Templates Using the vCenter API: Implementing vCenter Session Cache
VMware collection with cache usage: big increase in active sessions on vCenter
Modifying the description of the IBM-V7000 service template
MS-Azure-PaaS-MSSQLdb_status – errors in the description of a parameter

ITSM Integration

support Artis 3.0
support GLPI 0.93 (9.3)


Patch details

Collection – Plug-ins

VSWA-19075 Simplivity control ‘unknown’ status, Cannot locate object method “ssl_opts” via package “LWP :: UserAgent”
VSWA-19092 [Box] FORTIGATE-HA-STATUS-SNMPv3 – check_snmpv3_fortigate_ha


VSWA-20501: Error Message When You Cannot View Widget: Misspelt
VSWA-20323: [Dataviz] Widget – CI Details Sheet: drop-down lists are not displayed
VSWA-20299: [Dataviz] Widget Map – Full Screen Mode: Opening detail sheets is done in the background for metrics
VSWA-18973: [MAP] Display in RUN mode consistent with EDIT on the location in the global map


UK ServiceNav Product Development Manager; my priority is to be needful of the particular requirements of all ‘English-speaking’ markets where ServiceNav is sold. I have over 20 years experience of the IT monitoring field - covering a wide variety of products and technologies.

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