ServiceNav 4.2 – rescue mode, report improvements

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Rescue mode: don’t lose visibility in the event of core platform failure

In the course of using your monitoring platform, a network outage or a platform crash may happen, and leave your operations team without access to the ServiceNav UI and thereby in the ‘monitoring’ darkness. Your only means of monitoring then becomes email notifications, which quickly show their limitations as they offer no insight. To help you continue to view the health of your estate, we have developed a Rescue mode. Accessible via a browser and by entering the name or IP of your ServiceNav Box, this interface allows you to:

  • view the monitoring data of all the checks undertaken by the Box
  • refresh the presented information
  • browse through screens
  • automatically refresh information
  • filter by status , name, IP, details

and this operates even if your ServiceNav platform is offline, or your internet link is interrupted.Rescue mode is disabled by default, for security reasons. Our ServiceNav consultants are available to assist you in its activation.

“Current Status of the Estate” Report – development

The “Current Status of the Estate” report is changing, and now offers new information:

  • Summary of the number of hosts by category
  • View the list of current alerts with their ticket number

This addition allows a more complete reporting on the status of the managed estate, including a breakdown by category, and ” support ticket” information.

IT Weather – Dependency view – changes

Changes to improve the use and readability of the dependency view have been made. On opening a user services view, the checkbox “Highlight the Critical Path” is now unchecked (and thus the paths are not animated) by default. By checking or unchecking the box, the preferred choice is saved. Green coloured links never blink, whether the box “Highlight the critical path” is checked or not.

Strong password generation

When creating a new user, it is now possible to generate a strong password:

  • 10 characters
  • Uppercase + lowercase + digits + special characters

New plug-ins

New plug-ins and fixesalso appear in this version.


VSWA-18412 [Plugin] [Box] check_kaspersky_agent_hs

VSWA-18415 [Plugin] [Box] check_kaspersky_not_connected_for_long_time

VSWA-18411 [plugin] [box] check_kaspersky_updated_agent – Add filtering on parent group

VSWA-18976 [Plugin] [Box] check_kaspersky_updated_agent – Change the request

VSWA-18414 [Plugin] [Box] check_kaspersky_licence_status

VSWA-18413 [Plugin] [Box] check_kaspersky_inactive_protection


VSWA-17166 [Plugin] [Box] HP-Aruba-Fan-Status

Network Analysis

VSWA-18495 [Plugin] [Box] NetworkAnalysis-NetFlow: Output limited two decimal places

VSWA-19948 [Plugin] [Box] NetworkAnalysis-NetFlow: Development of the template

Other developments

Monitoring- Plug-ins

VSWA-18492 NetFlow Collector Storage – Plugins | Deleting nfcapd files in a dedicated NetFlow Collector Storage

VSWA-18035 [Plugin] A-MS-WIN-ActiveDirectory-Health and MS-WIN-ActiveDirectory-Health

VSWA-17526 [Plugin] [Box] MS-Azure-PaaS-Metrics

VSWA-18352 [ Plugin] [Box] check_snmp_operation: adding the units to perf data

VSWA-12571 [Plugin] [Box] Verification of the Raid Dell servers: addition of the verification of the SMART status of the disks

VSWA-13917 [Plugin] HTTP_HTTPS – Do not test the string if the certifcate test is OK

VSWA-18859 [Plugin] [Box] APC-MG-UPS-Status

VSWA-18031 model ARCserve-UDP-job-Status – Plugin + Mode evolution Agent

VSWA-18829 [Plugin-Box] The Nutanix Rest plugins verify the validity of certificates; modify this option

VSWA-19789 check_snmpv3_traffic_interface_name: incorrect command

VSWA-18471 [Plugin] [Box] EMC CX-AX and VNC collection by configuring an account of type Hardware

VSWA-13809 [Plugin] [Box] check_snmp_processus_parameter: add the -f argument to the command to generate performance data

VSWA-18867 [Plugin] [Box] IP-Label Integration – Datametrie

ITSM Integration

VSWA-17397 [Ticketing integration iTop]: ability to create tickets in the “Incidents” part


VSWA-18386 Widget ‘estate by family’: store server-side sorting preferences


VSWA-18032 [User Services availability report per day] Rounding

VSWA -15090 [User Services availability report per day] Remove normal values

Mobile application

VSWA-19698 Update pushwoosh-cordova plugin for FCM on Android

Patch Details

Monitoring – Plug-ins

VSWA-13922 [Plugin] [Box] check_api_paloalto_ network_traffic_interfacename: Change type argument

VSWA-5840 [Plug-in] [Box] MS-WIN-Logfiles, result display bug (details) overflows on the data

VSWA-18380 [Plugin] [Box] check_ps_values: returns UNKNOWN if the value is a floating point

VSWA-18372 [Plugin] [Box] – exclude offline volumes

VSWA-19130 [Plugin] [Box] check_trap: malfunction

Integration ITSM

VSWA-18827 EasyVista connector – support alphanumeric tickets


VSWA-18853 Creation of a site impossible for a user attached to a subsite

VSWA-17657 Ergonomics – Tooltips overlay


VSWA-17579 [Dataviz] Widget Map – Full screen mode: Thedetails sheets open in the background

VSWA-20000 [Dataviz] Map SUT: grey dots on Dataviz

VSWA-19998 [Dataviz] Status list: differences between Legacy and Dataviz

UK ServiceNav Product Development Manager; my priority is to be needful of the particular requirements of all ‘English-speaking’ markets where ServiceNav is sold. I have over 20 years experience of the IT monitoring field - covering a wide variety of products and technologies.

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