ServiceNav 4.1 – New Dataviz widgets and features, new plug-ins

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Dataviz: new widgets and features – the end of the dashboard carousel

The available ServiceNav widgets now replicate all the views previously available in the ‘legacy’ carousel of the dashboards.

It is therefore possible (and recommended!), to migrate your dashboards, in just a few clicks into Dataviz widgets.

This ‘migration’ may be an opportunity to question and optimize your management screens, using the new possibilities provided by Dataviz.

New widget: Status list

ServiceNav’s new look, widget-based dashboard, is an indispensable, visual monitoring tool.

Multi-column sort, show / hide columns, acknowledgement, detail and number of any attached ticket, resize columns, expanded view, full-screen mode … the only thing it does not do (still) is make the coffee !


New widget: Map

The map dashboard is now part of the widget library. This widget replicates the current templates “Weather map – Hosts” and “Weather map – User services” and builds on their ergonomics..


New widget: Estate monitoring by family

A transformation of the ‘legacy’ dashboard as a widget, for high level, multi-site / multi-client monitoring.


New widget: Estate Monitoring by Category

A transformation of the ‘legacy’ dashboard as a widget, for the monitoring of a customer or internal estate; by theme (disk, CPU, …) or functional domain (application, infra, system)

Find more about these new widgets in the widget library.


Dashboard duplication

The duplication of a Dataviz dashboard is now offered via a button. When duplicating, it is possible to change the name of the copy.


Refresh interval

It is now possible to define the refresh interval of a set of Dataviz dashboards, using a button available in RUN mode.

The delay before the change of dashboard is configurable in the administration of ServiceNav: 1, 5, 10 or 15 mins


Add an image to a widget title

The title area of ​​a widget can now contain an image. This is very useful when monitoring specific applications or technologies that are easily recognizable by their logo, within the dashboard. Only the link to the image is input – the images themselves must be hosted on a third-party web space.


Public / Private Mode

When creating a Dataviz dashboard, it is now possible to select the “private” mode. A dashboard in private mode will only be visible to the creating user, and may contain private content templates (for example a list of statuses, defined as “private” in Configuration–> Reporting).

Progressive end of Ubuntu 12.04 ServiceNav Box support

As we announced in the version 4.0 release note, the Ubuntu 12.04 LTS version on which the ServiceNav Box was based is no longer being updated and supported as of April 2017 and so complete support of these boxes will be stopped according to our published plan. (last updates of ServiceNavBox on 01/06, no more support from 01/09).

To help you handle the nexessary migration and know which boxes you need to migrate, we have added a self-monitoring check indicating the current version of the OS of the box.

  • CRITICAL (Red) if ServiceNavBox is based on Ubuntu 12.04
  • OK (Green) if ServiceNavBox is based on Ubuntu 16.04

Important: Depending on their configuration, this will have an impact on your dashboards, in that you may see new alerts s following the upgrade. These alerts correspond to any SNB version 12.04 associated with your sites and/or customers.

For ServiceNav customers monitoring tens/hundreds of client boxes, and where the boxes are not yet migrated, this may have a significant impact on dashboards and devices to be managed by the incident monitoring teams. .

Since the previous version, we have produced a script to facilitate this migration. Please familiarise youself with the documentation.

New plug-ins

New plug-ins and revisions also appear in this new version.


ServiceNav Box

VSWA-17759 Add “SNB OS Version” checkpoint in anticipation of OS 12.04 support


VSWA-16315 [Plugin] [Box] CISCO-SWITCH-StatusStack – add SNMPv3 support


Azure / Office365

VSWA-16821 [Monitoring Account] Azure and Office 365 Separate Monitoring Accounts

VSWA-16772 [Plugin] [Box] Office365-Generic


Big Data

VSWA-17558 Storm-Component-Stat-Value

VSWA-17552 Elasticsearch-Stat-Value

VSWA-16621 [Plugin] RabbitMQ recovery of the rates

VSWA-17479 [Plugin] revision: check_rabbitmq_queue: sum instead of average



VSWA-17647 [Plugin] [Box] F5-BIGIP-PowerSupplyStatus-SNMPV3

VSWA-17645 [Plugin] [Box] F5-BIGIP-CpuUsage-SNMPV3

VSWA-17643 [Plugin] [Box] F5-BIGIP-HA-NodeStatus-SNMPV3

VSWA-17641 [Plugin] [Box] F5-BIGIP-ServerCurrentConnections-SNMPV3

VSWA-17639 [Plugin] [Box] F5-BIGIP-FanStatus-SNMPV3

VSWA-17635 [Plugin] [Box] F5-BIGIP-ClientCurrentConnections-SNMPV3

VSWA-17637 [Plugin] [Box] F5-BIGIP-FanSpeed-SNMPV3

VSWA-17633 [Plugin] [Box] F5-BIGIP-ChassisTemp-SNMPV3

VSWA-17779 [Plugin] [Box] F5-BIGIP-ActiveSessions-SNMPV3



VSWA-17603 [Plugin] [Box] FORTIGATE-RAM – check_snmp_fortigate_mem: support SNMPV3

VSWA-17595 [Plugin] [Box] FORTIGATE-CPU – check_snmp_fortigate_cpu: support SNMPV3



VSWA-17601 [Plugin] [Box] FORTIGATE-IP-SESSIONS – check_snmp_fortigate_ip_sessions: support SNMPV3


HP StoreVirtual

VSWA-17735 [Plugin] [Box] HP-StoreVirtual-Volumes-UsedSpace

VSWA-17695 [Plugin] [Box] HP-StoreVirtual-Storage-Raid-State

VSWA-17739 [Plugin] [Box] HP-StoreVirtual-Modules-StorageServer-Status

VSWA-17723 [Plugin] [Box] HP-StoreVirtual-Volumes-Replication-Status

VSWA-17712 [Plugin] [Box] HP-StoreVirtual-Volumes-Available

VSWA-17651 [Plugin] [Box] HP-StoreVirtual-Servers-iSCSI-Status

VSWA-17649 [Plugin] [Box] HP-StoreVirtual-Managers-Status



VSWA-16056 FILE_isPresent: change status/message when file not present on valid path

VSWA-17005 [Plugin] [Box] HP-Proliant-Raid-Cache: Addition of a new error status: capacitor module failed to charge

VSWA-17003 [Plugin] [Agent] A-HP-Proliant-Snmp-Raid_Battery: Added a new error status: failed to load capacitor module

VSWA-16778 [Plugin] [Box] HP-Switch-stackable_status – adding entity exclusions

VSWA-17718 HP-MSA-1040-xxxx indicate HP MSA 2324 Array not supported

VSWA-17672 [Plugin] [Box] check_mssql_evault_backupjob – Management when reinstalling an agent

VSWA-17616 [Plugin] [Box] check_ipmi_dell_idrac_ *: add choice of account to use

VSWA-17525 [Plugin] [Agent] A-MS-WIN-ActiveDirectory-Health

VSWA-17615 [Plugin] [Box] choice of SSL/TLS version

VSWA-18100 [Plugin] [Box] Domain Name Expiration Checker – Whois

VSWA-17025 [Service model] SonicWALL-IPSEC-Tunnel-Status – Changed template check interval to 5min instead of 15min

Other changes

VSWA-12021 Filtering on Labels: Allow the user to choose between an OR / AND

VSWA-15034 Allow Event Log csv Export

VSWA-3733 SLA Fields on Application Form

VSWA-17426 [Current State of the Estate Report] Change- Adding hosts counters and current events

Patch details

Monitoring – Plug-ins

VSWA-13933 [Plugin] [Box] DATACORE-PS-Port-Status – Edit the plugin: Use login ID instead of the Hostname

VSWA-18019 [Plugin] [Box] HP-MSA P2000-vDisk-Status, plugin does not work for MSA 2050

VSWA-18002 [Lin-Syslog] [check_syslogs] Missing DateTime Module Error

VSWA-18318 FILE_isPresent: Plugin fails if the password contains the character “; ”

VSWA-17536 [Plugin] [Box] HP-MSA-2000- *, check_p2000_ * plugins return UNKNOWN if they are launched from the GUI

VSWA-17441 Plugin returns a slightly different result from the “df” command

VSWA-13966 [PLUGIN] [BOX] Evolution MS-WIN-PS-Eventlog to Process Other Event Log Name

VSWA-17819 [Nutanix] password authentication overwritten by SNMPv3 encryption password

VSWA-17728 [Plugins] CISCO-Hardware-health + CISCO-SWITCH-Ram: plugins fail if SNMPv2 + v3 monitoring accounts provided

VSWA-6937 [PLUG-IN] [AGENT] a-check-sym-backupExec not functional

VSWA-15986 [PluginBox] Taking into account the new 9.3 firmware for NetApp arrays – NetApp-cmode-ontap- models *

VSWA-17110 [Plugin] [Box] PostgreSQL-pgsql-version: the reported version is wrong for Postgre 10 and above

VSWA-17204 [Plugin] [Box] IDSbox_IDSbox_Status: taking into account the language of the page, and variable disc IDs

VSWA-17105 GLOBAL-SNMP-OID – incorrect metric unit

VSWA-17039 [Plugin] – U16 services timeout

VSWA-16977 [Master 4.0] [PLUGIN] [Box] MS-WIN-Check-FileAge-By-Name Mounting Error with U16 Box

VSWA-14048 [PluginBox] Datacore-Ps-Port-Metric – Edit the plugin: Use the login ID instead of the Hostname

VSWA-18023 displays a different checksum for each check

VSWA-18013 Veeam – handling of dashes and dots in database names

VSWA-17833 [Plugin] [Box] SWITCH-Network_traffic-InterfaceName – check_centreon_snmp_traffic – Error: unknown interface

VSWA-17774 [Command] – check_snmp_table_value – Timeout in cases where large table size

VSWA-18336 SNB Master U16 – NetFlow Collector Storage – Plugins | Allow the script to remove files from multiple directories

VSWA-18121 [Plugin] [Box] EMC Unity controls are not functional

VSWA-17655 command check_traffic_interface_name does not return interface name

VSWA-17564 [Plugin] check_windows_update_status: Edited the output message

VSWA-17406 [Plugin] [Box] arguments of the check_win_age_file command to make mandatory

VSWA-17409 [Plug-in] [Box] argument of the check_win_nb_file command to make mandatory

VSWA-17408 [Plugin] [Box] arguments of the check_win_nbage_file command to be mandatory

VSWA-17399 [Plugin] [Box] speed of 1 considered while 0 is entered

VSWA-17524 [Plugin] check_rabbitmq_queue: Invalid metric name



VSWA-18123 [DataViz] MAP – Minimize mode to min. exceeding

VSWA-18125 [DataViz] Date issue on graph display metric

VSWA-17528 [DataViz] Gauge – Decimal Values ​​and Thresholds incorrectly applied

VSWA-17502 [Dataviz] Build mode – Modifying a widget: Parameters are not retained

VSWA-17505 [Dataviz] Build mode – Deleting a dashboard: The first dashboard is not automatically selected

VSWA-17504 [Dataviz] Build mode – Dashboard title: Ergonomics issue when the field is emptied

VSWA-16944 [FF] Not possible to enlarge the widget area in some cases

VSWA-15609 [Widget] no warning message when deleting a widget



VSWA-17133 Notification does not activate when creating a device

VSWA-17494 Remote Access Configuration form does not work



VSWA-15056 Paging works poorly in event logs

VSWA-17283 “Type” and “Status” text colors in the notification email no longer appear

VSWA-12653 isilog improved display of the number of objects

VSWA-17851 Character Exit for the “Setpoint” field

VSWA-18801 [Report] Unable to preview availability and perf reports for external clients

VSWA-17992 [Census] Unsupported Character

VSWA-17884 SUT – Cannot Exit Full Screen Mode After Disabling Critical Path

VSWA-13868 Maintenance Window email notification in French

VSWA-17195 Alert notification email in French



VSWA-17103 Authentication of an LDAP user does not work if ssl is enabled on LDAP integration

VSWA-17855 Unable to reset a password with an e-mail address > 45 characters


Mobile app

VSWA-10200 [MobileApp] [Android] No translations

UK ServiceNav Product Development Manager; my priority is to be needful of the particular requirements of all ‘English-speaking’ markets where ServiceNav is sold. I have over 20 years experience of the IT monitoring field - covering a wide variety of products and technologies.

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