ServiceNav 4.0 – Big Data Architecture, Dataviz, Netflow, Improved Navigation

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Big Data is here! – sustainable, scalable performance


Since its launch 8 years ago, ServiceNav SaaS has grown from monitoring a few tens of metrics to several millions.

With the advent of connected things, growing analytical needs and new, large-scale client projects, this trend will only continue in the months and years to come.

As a software provider, we need to both anticipate and exploit the trend.

The choice of Big Data

In summer 2016, we decided to start a complete redesign of ServiceNav’s backend technology… opting for a Big Data architecture.

The goal was twofold:

  • Proactively manage volume increases to maintain a consistent level of quality
  • Put in place a sustainable architecture ready to meet the challenges of new use cases

This transition required the attention of a large part of our development team and, as a result, functional product changes have been limited over the past 12 months. We are convinced, however, that this was a necessary evil.

A choice that supports our long-term strategy

ServiceNav’s main use is as a support to, and validator of, the performance of the IT support teams of major service providers.

Our Big Data monitoring solution, coupled with our historical know-how of customer service processes, is well suited to analytic and decision-driven uses.

Coservit aims, through a strong innovation culture, to position ServiceNav as a key tool for the performance assurance of IT support centres.

Viewed from this angle, Big Data is not an end in itself, but a means by which to deliver this strategy and support major service providers in their development; allowing them to service new markets, and expand their large scale outsourcing capabilities


Implementation and availability

What do you need to know?

For SaaS customers: the activation of Big Data ingestion flows is effective at 4.0.

For customers on a dedicated platform: we will open the Big Data architecture to our dedicated customers during the first quarter of 2019. In this context support this, the infrastructure will have to be adapted to accommodate the new architecture.

We will publish the detailed recommendations later. As an indication, and depending on the volume to be managed and “high availability” requirements, there will be  an need for an additional 1 to 3 VMs.


Dataviz – customizable and modular dashboards


A new dashboard module is available within ServiceNav: Dataviz

Unlike our existing dashboards, which are limited to only one per screen, Dataviz allows you to design complex dashboards using the various widgets of the library.

The widgets available at the release of version 4.0 are:

Graphic: display a metric in the form of a time graph

Gauge: display of a metric in the form of a gauge

Map: display of an existing Map (application mapping)

Tools: Image / Text

Dataviz will progressively replace (Q1 2019) the carousel of the dashboards currently in place; offering, as widgets, all the functionality of current dashboards in a more “modern” form:

  • Status list (version 4.1)
  • Host Map (version 4.1)
  • User Services Map (version 4.1)
  • Estate monitoring by Family (version 4.1)
  • Estate monitoring by Category (Version 4.1)

In the intervening period, the ServiceNav menu item “Dashboard” will contain two entries: “Classic” and “Dataviz” to allow for a smooth transition to the new feature.

New widgets will also appear in subsequent releases:

  • IT Weather
  • List of past / present / future maintenances
  • Date hour
  • Netflow Top / Flop

Important Note: The Dataviz feature needs ServiceNav to operate in “Big Data” mode.

This mode is currently only activated on the SaaS platform, and will be available for dedicated platforms in the first quarter of 2019.

The Dataviz functionality is therefore currently not available on dedicated platforms, which has no impact on the release of versions on them.


Widgets library (updated over the versions)

Creating a Dataviz dashboard


Netflow Analysis – Big improvement in Network monitoring

Monitor the throughput generated by an application, source or destination IP and generate alerts when thresholds are exceeded. This requires only a little configuration and the use of a new plugin.


Configuration prerequisites: Netflow prerequisites

Configure and use the plug-in: NetworkAnalysis-NetFlow


Interface improvements: optimized navigation

Drop-down menu access has been added to the navigation tabs, allowing quick access to the sub-features of each module.

Staged end of support for ServiceNav Box on Ubuntu 12.04

In order to offer you a solution that meets your security expectations, we will stop support of SNBox on Ubuntu 12.04 on 01/09/2019.

The Ubuntu 12.04 LTS version is no longer updated and supported as of April 2017, so it seems sensible to ensure our customers stabilise on the Ubuntu 16.04 platform (available since version 3.13.1).

The retirement will be done in 3 steps:

Until March 30, our support team will strongly encourage migration, and any fixes may have to wait if they are already fixed in Ubuntu 16.04

From 01/06, new plug-ins and plug-in fixes will no longer be compatible with (or deployed) on the Ubuntu Box 12.04, which will no longer be able to benefit from plug-in catalog improvements.

As of 01/09, we will no longer support Ubuntu ServiceNav Box 12.04 and they will stop collecting data.

We encourage you to get in touch with your sales contact or support service as soon as possible to plan the migration of your SNBs to Ubuntu 16.04.

New plug-ins

New plug-ins and improvements version.


VSWA-15407 [Plugin][Box] MS-Azure-VM-Status

VSWA-15416 [Plugin][Box] MS-Azure-VM-MetricByHost


HPE Simplivity

VSWA-18080 [Plugin][Box] HPE_SimpliVity_Cluster_CompressionRatio

VSWA-18097 [Plug-in][Box] HPE_SimpliVity_Cluster_IOLatency

VSWA-18102 [Plug-in][Box] HPE_SimpliVity_Cluster_IOThroughput

VSWA-18084 [Plugin][Box] HPE_SimpliVity_Cluster_DeduplicationRatio

VSWA-18082 [Plugin][Box] HPE_SimpliVity_Cluster_EfficiencyRatio

VSWA-18086 [Plug-in][Box] HPE_SimpliVity_Cluster_IOPS

VSWA-18078 [Plugin][Box] HPE_SimpliVity Cluster Disk Usage



VSWA-16025 [Plugin][Box] Isilon-Cluster-Disk-Usage

VSWA-16020 [Plugin][Box] Isilon-Cluster-Status

VSWA-16253 [Plugin][Box] Isilon-Cluster-DiskIO-Out

VSWA-16237 [Plugin][Box] Isilon-Cluster-Throughput-In

VSWA-16238 [Plugin][Box] Isilon-Cluster-Throughput-Out

VSWA-16015 [Plugin][Box] Isilon-Node-Status

VSWA-16026 [Plugin][Box] Isilon-Cluster-CPU-Usage

VSWA-15903 [Plugin][Box] Isilon-Node-Disk-Status

VSWA-16251 [Plugin][Box] Isilon-Cluster-DiskIO-In



VSWA-12620 [Plugin] [Box] NetworkAnalysis-NetFlow


VSWA-10922 [Plugin] [Box] MS-Win-WindowsUpdate_Status: Added an argument to filter on the type of windows updates.

VSWA-15181 MS-Office365-Exchange-InactiveMailboxes

VSWA-13283 [plug-in] [agent mode] A-MS-VeeamEndPointBackup-Status bad return (critical instead of warning)

VSWA-16764 [Plugin] [Box] MS-Win-WindowsUpdate_Status: Do not take hidden updates into account and edit output text

VSWA-16658 [Plug-in] [Box] – Accept alphanumeric slots in exclusions

VSWA-16324 MS-WIN-Counter-ProcessorTime

VSWA-14854 [Plugin] [Box] check_snmp_operation: 2 digits after the decimal point

VSWA-14879 Can monitor the VS_PushNotificationSender message queue

VSWA-16869 [Plugin] [Box] Thresholds must apply on the difference between two collections for error / rejected packets

VSWA-15850 [Plugin] [Box] MS-WIN-PS-String

VSWA-16747 [Plugin] [Box] – Exagrid – change commands

VSWA-16328 Command – check_snmp_win_disk and check_snmpv3_win_disk – Change the description of the Drive Letter argument

VSWA-17200 [Master 4.0] winexe: SMB support versions 2/3

VSWA-14328 [Plugin] [Box] HTTP_HTTPS-Numeric-Value

VSWA-14884 [Plugin] [Box] Veeam-Job-Status – Add monitoring of the amount of data protected


Patch details

Monitoring – Plug-ins

VSWA-14049 [PLUGIN] [BOX] ipmi account type

VSWA-17024 [Plugin] [Box] HP-MSA 1040, plugins check_fc1040 * return control timeout

VSWA-15579 The ServiceNav Box master does not contain the BC command used by some plugins

VSWA-14934 [Master 4.0] Unable to run plugins that use the ipmi program on an Ubuntu 16.04 BoxNav Service

VSWA-16091 [Plugin] [Box] – Out of bounds

VSWA-17068 [MS-WIN-Check-Files-Age] Plugin – Functionality Regression

VSWA-16733 [Plug-in] [Box] EMC DataDomain – Fixed BUG that can return OK instead of CRITICAL on DISKSTATE and FANSTATE

VSWA-15076 [Master 4.0] Cannot Use WINRM Run Methods on Ubuntu BOX 16.01

VSWA-15923 [Master 4.0] [Plugin] [BOX] Lin-Command | – No support for OPENVMS codes on Master SNB 3.13.1 – Modification of Master

VSWA-16314 [Plugin] [Box] Disk-space-SNMPv3 – command modification: adding 2 arguments

VSWA-16313 check HP-3PAR-TimeSync still on alert

VSWA-15914 [Plugin] [BOX] ORACLE-Request-String does not work on Master SNB 3.13.1 – Master Modification

VSWA-15916 [Plugin] [BOX] Not all PaloAlto -xxx models work on Master SNB 3.13.1 – Master Modification

VSWA-15573 [MS-WIN-CHECK-FILE-NB] Plugin – Functionality Regression

VSWA-16246 [Plug-in] [Box] job duplicate type not supported

VSWA-15507 [check_http_full] Modify plugin to support multiple certificates on one IP

VSWA-15887 [Plugin] [Box] HP 3Par array – sensor status: correction of a fault preventing collection.

VSWA-17544 [Master 4.0] owner / directory group /home/nagios/.ssh incorrect



VSWA-17044 Autocomplete field “Password” on the unit service record

VSWA-17281 [Back-End] notifServiceComposite – ignore deleted companies

VSWA-16850 [Master 4.0] Swap Configuration on the Bad SNB Master

VSWA-16851 [Master 4.0] Master SNB: The smmonitor.service service runs following the installation of the Dell MDXXXX client

VSWA-16762 [Master 4.0] [Plugin] [Box] Missing library to supervise AVAMAR on the SNB 3.13.1 master

VSWA-16929 Equipment – Deletion of an inventory item: anomaly in the confirmation popup

VSWA-16928 User Service – Deleting a comment: An error in the confirmation popup

VSWA-16951 Configuration import nagios – IP Conflict Box & Host / Services not created

VSWA-16861 [Master 4.0] Setting Incorrect Log Rotation



VSWA-15576 External Connection – AKUITEO: pre-fill the Contactor field

UK ServiceNav Product Development Manager; my priority is to be needful of the particular requirements of all ‘English-speaking’ markets where ServiceNav is sold. I have over 20 years experience of the IT monitoring field - covering a wide variety of products and technologies.

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