Monitoring in a time of Climate Change

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At a time when global climate change is visible on a daily basis , the growing impact of IT equipment deserves consideration.

With its headquarters based in the capital of the Alps, surrounded by sumptuous nature, COSERVIT could not neglect this theme.

ITs carbon footprint – some figures

The numbers are:

  • 10% of global electricity consumption, continually and exponentially increasing
  •  carbon footprint greater than 3.7% of GHG emissions, more than civil aviation, and which risks reaching 8% by 2025 (the equivalent of cars / motorcycles worldwide)
    • users: 47% of emissions
    • networks: 28% of emissions
    • datacenters: 25% of emissions

And many other sources of consumption / pollution as yet little assessed:

  • Manufacturing and recycling of electronic components
  • Obsolescence / fleet renewal
  • The arrival of connected objects and Big Data, heralding new data use cases and immense traffic flows

Some of these offer challenges to our current models of society and consumption, while others can be addressed NOW; with a positive impact to your business, and without too much disruption.

Monitoring goes green

F.LAMBERT – Sommet du Sénépy – Trièves

ServiceNav, through its functionality and some best practices, can be a lever for optimizing your carbon footprint .

By simple actions and in accordance with your business challenges, you can bring a little “Green IT” into your monitoring processes, and make the world a little better.

Used effectively, ServiceNav can assist in:

  • Reducing the volume of user emails and associated traffic, through the proactive processing of alerts and integration of your monitoring / ITSM tools
  • Avoiding road journeys by technicians to address outages; when fine control of infrastructure devices is carried out on a daily basis and changes can be anticipated
  • Avoiding wasting resources by reference to capacity analysis reporting;in order to provision resources to meet actual needs and avoid unnecessary consumption

Our planet is unique, let’s preserve it, because the virtual cannot exist without reality.

UK ServiceNav Product Development Manager; my priority is to be needful of the particular requirements of all ‘English-speaking’ markets where ServiceNav is sold. I have over 20 years experience of the IT monitoring field - covering a wide variety of products and technologies.

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