Integrate IT Weather with Sharepoint web part

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As a ServiceNav user, with technical management responsibility, do you want to communicate pro-actively to your users, without them needing direct access to ServiceNav?

Then the ServiceNav web part for Sharepoint is for you.

In a few clicks, display the IT Weather on a Sharepoint page.


It’s easy… just create business services and associate them with your user services.

You will then be able to choose, via the web part, the business services on which to filter.

This makes it possible to offer different views, depending on the target audience.

All you need do is add the web part to your Sharepoint portal and associate it with the desired business service(s).


The web part displays:

  • The name of the user service
  • Its status (IT weather)
  • An associated comment (“Details” field): it is possible, in ServiceNav, to decide which comment will be displayed, using the “activated” field. This allows you to prepare comments and activate them as needed.

It therefore allows the IT department to communicate via comments; in the event of planned maintenance for example, to anticipate and reduce support requests, and improve the user’s awareness.


Specifics of the Online version (available from ServiceNav 3.14):

  • it is possible to sort by the columns “Name” and “State”. The default sort is done on “Name”, in alphabetical order
  • it is also possible to configure an automatic refresh; disabled by default

This feature is compatible with Sharepoint 2013 and Sharepoint Online.

It is offered as an option, in the form of an annual subscription.

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