With scalability up to 20,000 servers, ServiceNav can accommodate your businesses dynamic growth

Service Providers employing a monitoring tool to deliver service assurance, need to be confident that, as their client base grows, the tool they have chosen can seamlessly grow with it. Unlike some tools, ServiceNav scales easily, under a single (SaaS) platform to monitor tens of thousands of servers. In this way, you can maintain control of the largest environments without needing to segment your management across several instances.

The distributed architecture consists of 3 main components:

  • ServiceNav Web Platform – on-premise or SaaS component that collates monitoring data and delivers it through the web user interface
  • ServiceNav BI Platform – on-premise or SaaS component housing the data warehouse of the solution.
  • ServiceNav Box – the on-premise component that performs the monitoring tasks and sends its results back to the BI via the web.