ServiceNav differentiates itself from other network infrastructure management products through its superior reporting capability. This provides additional commercial advantages alongside the technical management features you would expect from a product in this class. This quick, reliable access to detailed information means that reporting is no longer a task in itself, freeing management time for managing and evolving services.

Our intelligent, flexible dashboards and reports can be tailored to meet the needs of internal processes, whatever type of organization you’re responsible for. Reports are simple to prepare and can be generated to a schedule or on demand at any point. Reports and dashboards are designed to be easy to understand by highlighting the most important information to the reader, whether that be a customer, Technical Director or CEO. Information can be presented in granular technical detail or graphical abstraction through the IT Weather feature.


Data on actual and prevented breakdowns allows you to see precisely where to focus resources for future IT infrastructure development. The reports, based on the collected data, help to:

  • Negotiate budgets supported by resource consumption reports
  • Identify and justify investment requirements
  • Analyse financial impact of previous investments