Easy To Use

 Agentless Solution

ServiceNav is an agentless monitoring solution, delivered into the customer environment as either a virtual or physical server. We have worked hard to simplify and speed up the deployment of our tool to provide you with simplicity:

  • Agentless installation
  • Automated discovery
  • Pre-configured checkpoints
  • Import of configurations from existing tools
  • An ergonomic web interface
  • Mass deployment of configuration policies


ServiceNav is an agentless solution, based on Ubuntu servers and the Nagios monitoring engine. The key elements are:


  • ServiceNav Web Platform – on-premise or SaaS component that collates monitoring data and delivers it through the web user interface
  • ServiceNav BI Platform – on-premise or SaaS data warehouse
  • ServiceNav Box – the on-premise component that performs the monitoring tasks and sends its results back to the BI via the Web.


Components are delivered as Virtual Machine Images which can be imported, as required, into the customers’ infrastructure.

After deploying a ServiceNav Box into your customers infrastructure, a simple five minute configuration wizard is all that is needed to establish communications between the ServiceNav Box and ServiceNav Web component. From that point on, all management and administration of the solution is carried out through the secure, intuitive Web Interface.

ServiceNav uses industry standard protocols to access and manage hosts:

  • Telnet/SSH
  • WMI
  • RDP
  • SNMP
  • FTP
  • HTTP