IT monitoring software created to make your life easier


ServiceNav is a fully customisable IT monitoring platform that delivers fast and accurate insight to support proactive management and preventative maintenance of the IT environment.

It’s a constant challenge for IT managers, CIOs, service providers or systems administrators to efficiently manage their time when monitoring IT infrastructure. ServiceNav can help as it delivers feature rich dashboards and reports that are flexible and easy to understand and are used across many different sectors such as airports, retail and schools.


IT Weather

A unique view of IT service or business application health using a familiar weather analogy.

SLA Management

Set thresholds and alerts to monitor quality of service against agreed service objectives.

Easy to use

User-friendly, intuitive web interface makes configuration and monitoring simple.


Reports and dashboards are designed to be easily understood by tailoring the information to the reader - whatever their role.


With scalability up to 20,000 servers, ServiceNav will always adapt to your needs.


Integrate with various Asset Management Tools, Ticketing Applications, our use the API for publication into your applications.


Use our mobile app to keep on top of issues and alerts (SMS, PUSH) when you are on the move.

Smart Pricing

There are no hidden costs with ServiceNav. Pay on a per server basis to access to all the functionality available.

Monitor your IT

See ServiceNav in Action

To fully appreciate the power and simplicity of ServiceNav, you need to see it in action. Request a demo and we will show you how ServiceNav can quickly bring benefits to your organisation.