Service Templates: create a new service template

To create a new service template:

  • Position at the highest level of the tree of companies and sites, so that the whole tree may use the new template
  • Navigate to Configuration Services Models
  • Click on “+Add”
  • Complete the fields shown in the list below; Leave other fields unchanged
  • Click on Apply
Name The name of the service model. Use a unique name to aid model identification
Business Impact Assign an impact to the model. Used to filter in dashboards and reports
Category The reporting category of the model. Used to filter in dashboards and reports
BI Category The model category used for filtering in performance analysis reports.
Inventory Used to associate inventory data with the service model: this data is reflected in the reports that link inventory data and monitoring data
Availability rate The expected availability of a service created from the template
Availability period The timeframe during which the service should be available
Check Timeslot The period during which this check runs
Normal check interval The run interval of this service check. This interval is expressed in minutes.
Verification command Select the associated command
Description The description of the model: this will be visible in the details sheet of any service created from the model

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