Open a ticket on the ticketing system


Ticketing system compatible with ServiceNav (List available here)
Integration with the ticketing system configured
ServiceNav Company (or site)  linked to the company within the ticketing tool (See documentation here)


Creating the ticket

On  a Host or Service with a Warning or Critical status, click on the coloured circle undere the Status column for the Host / Service .

A window opens showing:

Create ticket and acknowledge

Click “Create ticket and acknowledge”

Fill in the displayed fields (The fields present depend on the integrated ticketing system)

Click on “Validate”

Update the ticket following  technical intervention

I the technical monitoring view, for a Host or Service, a “Folder” icon may be present.

When the mouse moves over the “Folder” icon, a pop-up will appear indicating (the information presented depends on the integration):

  • Ticket number in the external system
  • Ticket Contact
  • Status / Status of ticket
  • Object and ticket details
  • Ticket creation date
  • Person assigned to the ticket
  • The pop-up has a direct link to the ticket record in the external ticketing system

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