Integrating a Datametrie (IP-Label) scenario into ServiceNav

Available since ServiceNav Version 4.2, the IP-Label_DataMetrie_Transaction service template is used to display status and performance information from a Datametrie (IP-Label) scenario in ServiceNav.

Configuration of the Service Template

The service template requires 4 parameters :

  • Login
  • Password
  • Datametrie Transaction ID
  • Analysis period

Login and password corresponds to those used to identify you on the IP-Label portal and must be obtained from the IP-Label team if necessary

Analysis period corresponds to the period of time taken to oversee the last execution of the scenario. Usually corresponds to the execution period of the Datametrie scenario

Transaction ID can be found in this way…

Open the Datametrie tab

Click on the name of the scenario to monitor in ServiceNav

In the URL, take the value of the field, ID_M

Status and collected data

  • The ServiceNav service collects the last average execution time of the Datametrie scenario and returns it as a metric
  • The ServiceNav status corresponds to the Datametrie status as follows:
Datametrie status ServiceNav status
ORANGE Warning
RED Warning *
BLACK Critical

* from versions earlier than 4.8 status is Critical.


Incorporating the Service into an IT Weather User Service

Like all services in ServiceNav, it is possible to include it in a User Service displayed  in IT Weather

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