Import a ServiceNav Box into Microsoft Azure

Context: Use this procedure to deploy a supervision box for Microsoft Azure, and integrate it into an Azure subnet.

Obtain  the VM image from our site  (contact support for the credentials)

In the VSM-VSB folder take the picture:

Deploy the image in Azure

Connect to the AZURE portal

Navigate to Container, which will be the VHD storage location.

Download the file to the Container (click on Upload and select the VHD file).

  • Create a disk using the storage account
  • Highlight the disk and click create a VM
  • In the resources
    • Open the 222 port inbound
    • Open the ports 9465, 80, 443 outbound
  • On the monitoring box launch the installation script without changing the address IP. Start at the token step.

Once a VM is imported, if if it cannot be pinged  or SNMP times out , check that the Box and the VM are on the same resource group / network addressing, in the global view.

Change the virtual network settings if the VNs are different.

Commissioning a ServiceNav Box

Follow the following procedure from Section 2:

License Mode:

SaaS mode:

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