GLOBAL-SNMP-OID Generic Service Template

The service model: GLOBAL-SNMP-OID

Using SNMP, this plugin allows you to:

– interrogate an OID.

– compare the value returned with warning and critical thresholds.

– choose the text to display along with the value.

– choose the values units.

– collect performance data to create a graph.

How to monitor a new server

MIB analysis

First, obtain the SNMP MIB for the device and consult it.

For example, according to the MIB of the new server, the disk space used is obtained with the OID:

Configure Service Template to Monitor Disk Space Used

Navigate to “Configuration” “Services” “List” and then “Add”.

Select the Service Template: GLOBAL-SNMP-OID and give the Service a name.

Configure the Template settings:

  • input the OID to query.
  • type the Text that will be displayed in the monitoring alert.
  • Indicate the appropriate units for the value .
  • Set the alert thresholds.

The resulting output text will look something like this: “Disk space used: GB value

Deploy the Service to the host to be monitored.

Finally, reload the ServiceNav Box configuration.


The performance data is visible in the metrics section:

Adaptable plugin

This Service Template is used to query the OID of a MIB that returns a numeric value.

It can be used to monitor any object (referenced in the MIB) of a device.

Sometimes it is necessary to display two values ​​or to perform mathematical operations between several OIDs. In such a scenario, use the check_snmp_operation plugin instead.

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