Dataviz – Sharing a Dashboard via a URL (Dashlink)


  • The Dataviz feature requires the operation of ServiceNav in a “Big Data” architecture.

This stream is currently only functional on the SaaS platform, and will be progressively made available for dedicated platforms from June 2019.

  • The Dataviz feature replaced the dashboard carousel from version 4.1. The Dashboard menu item now contains two entries: “Classic” and “Dataviz”

Would you like to share a management console with clients, internal or external, without giving them rights in ServiceNav?

With the Dashlink feature, share your Dataviz dashboards via a simple link!

Creating a Dashlink

In EDIT mode of a Dataviz dashboard, click on

A window opens, offering to activate the sharing.

Once sharing is enabled, a link is generated, and can be copied to the clipboard or opened

The shared dashboard is displayed (read-only), by a simple call to the URL:

In shared mode, no authentication is required, and so no editing or access to drill-down details is possible.

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