Dataviz – Filter the list by Favorites


  • The Dataviz feature requires the operation of ServiceNav in a “Big Data” mode.This feature is currently only activated on the SaaS platform since June 2019., and will be later made available for dedicated platforms 
  • The Dataviz feature replaces the dashboard carousel as of version 4.1. The Dashboard menu item now contains two entries: “Classic” and “Dataviz”

Favourite “Filter” in the dashboard list

The list of Dataviz dashboards can sometimes be confusing, especially when each team has their own.

To make life easier, we’ve added a filtering option, which allows you to focus on Favorite Dashboards only (including the default one). This filtering also applies to the automatic scrolling feature, which allows you to choose which dashboards you want to scroll, and thus concentrate on the information of value to you.

Use case : I have 2 dashboards that must be monitored by the Network / Operations support team. These dashboards are identified as favorites /  and become default for all members of this team, once the filter is active. These are no longer surrounded by other dashboards, and the information is  monitored more easily.

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