Dataviz – Create and configure a dashboard


  • The Dataviz feature requires ServiceNav to operate in “Big Data” mode.

This mode is currently only activated on the SaaS platform, and will be available on dedicated platforms later in 2019. Dataviz functionality is therefore presently NOT available on dedicated platforms.

  • From version 4.1, the Dataviz feature the original carousel of dashboards. In the short term, the Dashboard menu item will contain two entries: “Classic” and “Dataviz”

Prerequisite rights & profiles

The ability to create and modify “Dataviz” objects is subject to the historic ServiceNav permission: “Manage dashboards”, which also controls access to the Configuration Reporting menu.

Not all profiles are able to modify a “Dataviz” dashboard; to ensure a measured dashboard development and control distribution among technical team members.

RUN and EDIT modes

Dataviz dashboards are accessible through two views (or modes): RUN and EDIT.

RUN mode relates to “operational” use, for support purposes, in modifying the content or the configuration associated with the Dashboard.

EDIT mode is the one employed when creating or modifying a dashboard, either in its structure (naming, deletion) or its content (widgets: configuration, number and positioning)

Access to the creation menu

When accessing the Dataviz tab, if no dashboard exists, creation of a new one is suggested:

If at least one dashboard has already been created, this button is accessible at the top of the list of dashboards, in RUN mode.

This button is not available when a dashboard is being edited.

A click on the button launches a new empty dashboard… in EDIT mode.

A public dashboard will be visible to all users but will only include public widgets. A private dashboard will only be visible to the creator user, and may include private widgets, defined in the Configuration –> Reporting tab.

A private dashboard is denoted by the icon 

Naming dashboards

A “Dataviz” dashboard can be renamed at any time, and is originally created with a default name:

<Creation date in the form YYYY-MM-DD> Dashboard <Name of the company / site>

It is editable, in EDIT mode, by simply clicking on the pencil to the left of the title.

The title of a dashboard cannot be empty.

Action buttons

A dashboard can be set “default” or favorite , which will put it at the top of the dashboard list.

It is also possible to duplicate a dashboard, by clicking on , in which case the input of the new name will be required.

Widget Library

The modularity of the Dataviz dashboard is based on its widgets library, and on the flexible customisation features offered.

The library will expand with new versions; expect new widgets in upcoming releases.

A separate documentation page is dedicated to the detailed review of these widgets: Dataviz: Widgets library

Adding widgets

Adding a widget is done by clicking and dragging onto the canvas area:

When adding a widget, a configuration window appears. The layout of the configuration screen differs according to the widget being added.

For example, for a “Graph” widget, which presents metrics similarly to the Detail of Host / Service form:

Once the configuration is validated, the widget is displayed in the dashboard and several actions are possible, depending on the widget used. Some actions are common to all widgets:

Move: click-move on the top banner

Resizing: left click on the lower right corner


Renaming :

Modify the configuration:


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