Configure the SN Box to receive traps


Download the SN-trapInstallation-v1.tar.gz file on the box in the / tmp directory.


This document is intended for any person (customer or consultant) wishing to configure an SNB so that it can receive SNMP traps.

Required files

  • / tmp / snmptrapd -> config file, will be copied by the install script
  • /tmp/snmptrapd.conf -> configuration file, will be copied by the install script
  • /tmp/snmptt.ini -> configuration file, will be copied by the install script
  • /tmp/ -> installation and configuration script to receive traps

Principles of the script

The script will install the SNMPTT package and then copy the necessary configuration files. It will also add a rule in iptables so that the box can receive the stream on port 162.

NOTE: The script will reload the configuration of IPTABLES



as root

Go to / tmp, where the archive SN-trapInstallation-v1.tar.gz has been placed:

cd / tmp

Uncompress the archive:

tar -xzf SN-trapInstallation-v1.tar.gz

Go to the SN-trapInstallation-v1 folder:

cd SN-trapInstallation-v1

Run the installation script:


The script requests the SNMP community that will send the traps.

To modify this value if the one entered during the script is not suitable:

Go to the file /etc/snmp/snmptrapd.conf:

vim /etc/snmp/snmptrapd.conf

Find the line:

authCommunity execute <community>


In place of <community> enter the value entered in the script.

Modify the community here if necessary.

Restart the snmptrad service:

systemctl restart snmptrapd

The box is now configured to receive SNMP traps.

You must then create the trap definition files: See the companion document  ‘Create a trap definition file’

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