Configuration to monitor a Veeam job

Monitoring a Veeam Job requires several steps:

– Configure access to the Veeam database from ServiceNav Box

– Monitor the job


Database monitoring

The entire procedure described here should be followed: Configure the monitoring of an MS SQL Server database

Pay particular attention to editing the file /etc/freetds.conf;

  • Connect to the box with Putty.
  • Once on the box, switch to the root account with the command:

su –

Edit the file /etc/freetds.conf

vi /etc/freetds.conf

Add the connection details at the foot of the file:


    host = @IP Veeam server

    port  = TCP/IP port de SQL instance on the SQL server (default 1433)

    instance = SQL instance name on the SQL server

    tds version = 8.0

Save the file

Test the connection by running the following command:

telnet <Veeam server IP address> <instance port>     (eg : telnet 1433)

If the connection is blocked, check the configuration of either (or both) your OS firewall or network firewall.

Monitoring the job

We recommend using the service template: Veeam-Job-Status

It should be configured like this:

  • Server Name: Value specified in [] in the freetds.conf file
  • Monitoring Account: Enter the MSSQL account or use the inherited account
  • Database Name: Specify the name of the database (different to the name of the SQL instance). Usually, ‘VeeamBackup’
  • Indicate the period of analysis: If the job runs every day, indicate 01d00h00m
  • Job Name: Copy the name from Veeam
  • Type of backup: Put the type; some options are proposed in the contextual help (from version 4.1 of ServiceNav, this field is no longer required)
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