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Quadria chose Coservit’s ServiceNav solution to monitor their four data centers and the Managed Services of its 2,000 clients. ServiceNav is used daily by an operations team of over 20 engineers from Quadria’s Service Center.

Meeting customer service levels

The overall size of the infrastructure that we operate for our customers is over 1000 servers and 1PB of storage. Our contracts include service level agreements: we must provide our customers with metrics on availability rates on all our offers: IaaS, SaaS and managed services. We needed an agile, scalable tool not only to automatically calculate the availability rate of user services, but also to report this measure to our customers through a simple and understandable web interface.” says Cyril Ruche, Director Cloud & Managed Services. ServiceNav was installed in 2011 to monitor the network, physical servers and storage, VMware virtualization base, SQL and Oracle databases and applications.

Automated deployment of monitoring in a dynamic environment

“Our customers use the flexibility that is offered to them in our IaaS offerings. They add and they remove virtual machines on a regular basis. In this case, the tool needed to be able to automatically recognize the new virtual machines to monitor and which have been removed. We were looking for a tool capable of responding to these changes as well as the potential to integrate with other software.”

ServiceNav interacts with an infrastructures existing management tools and configuration. “Monitoring is the cornerstone of our information system. We work closely with Coservit to enhance the automated monitoring capabilities, including the CMDB integration”. The software’s architecture and open source heritage fits the needs of Quadria

A rich user-oriented interface and tailored user profiles

“Our customers ask us to provide them with a simple, ergonomic and mobile interface. They wish to verify our contractual adherence to SLAs through the interface and receive monthly reports of availability and performance. Instant access to summary information is essential to our customers with the ability to go into detail if necessary.” explains Cyril Ruche.

Through its concept of weather services, ServiceNav fully meets the demands of the CIO to have a user-oriented dashboard. “When we demonstrate the ServiceNav interface, our customers are pleasantly surprised by the quality and simplicity of the CIO dashboards. At a glance, they see the current state of user services in relation to the SLA.” says Cyril Ruche. “In addition, to help my operations team to identify its priorities, I need a single interface to see all of my clients and managed estates on the same dashboard ” Mr Ruche continues. “With its multi-client architecture, ServiceNav allows me to have a single screen with all alerts prioritized.”

Choosing ServiceNav

“In 2011, we had several monitoring solutions, Nagios, GFI Max …. We issued a specification to select a solution. Beyond the various points I have already mentioned, it was important for the development of our cloud offerings to work with a product team that understand our needs and our constraints. We managed over the years to build a win-win partnership with Coservit. The scalability of the solution allows us to guarantee the growth of our business.

In conclusion, ServiceNav brings the control necessary to manage and operate our data centers and to work seamlessly with our clients’ information systems.

About Quadria

Quadria is a privately owned French company whose core business is the integration of information systems. Quadria ranks in the Top 5 amongst comparable companies in the French market. Historically, Quadria has had a regional business approach and the major part of its added value comes from the local nature of its services. This is in contrast to others in the market that concentrate solely on major cities.
Quadria’s strategy is to occupy a prominent position in cloud computing with the provision of managed services, hosting and software as a service (SaaS). The technical priority, therefore, is to ensure the reliability and availability of its customers’ information systems through its cloud computing offerings (public and private) and outsourcing.

Heading the ServiceNav BU in Coservit, ISV in the IT&IoT monitoring - disruptive use cases with bigdata and AI.

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