Baker McKenzie Chooses Coservit ServiceNav Monitoring Solution

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The international law firm Baker McKenzie chose ServiceNav software to oversee its IT in France, Luxembourg and Morocco.

The firm’s Director of Information Systems, Mr. Vassili Andricopoulos explains the context and reasons for his choice and discusses the benefits of the solution developed by Coservit.


Baker McKenzie deploys ServiceNav for transparent and proactive oversight

Established in 1949, Baker McKenzie is a world-renowned and well-known law firm with 77 offices in more than 40 countries.

The legal professions are affected by digital transformation. The rise of so-called LegalTech tools complicates the task of CIOs within law firms, especially when it comes to such large groups as Baker McKenzie with more than 13,000 employees worldwide. Mr. Vassili Andricopoulos returns to the reasons that led him to choose the ServiceNav monitoring tool and the benefits gained since its adoption two years ago.


Why did you choose the ServiceNav monitoring software instead of another tool? Did you try others before turning to this solution?

We used other monitoring tools but they were more technically orientated. The choice of ServiceNav is based on our desire to provide Baker McKenzie employees with access to a tool that provides a more comprehensive and functional view of services. Thanks to the IT Weather feature, ServiceNav gives visibility to the business applications they use every day, such as time logging, which is essential for billing.

Customizable performance checks and dashboards, which identify the problem and make the necessary corrections, are a real time-saver within the IT department. This monitoring solution provides the ability to be proactive, to easily monitor critical applications, to fix a problem before the user is aware, or at least to be alerted. The experience of the end user is thus optimized.

For example, our infrastructure manager was used to filling out and presenting, easily readable and understandable Excel spreadsheets; ServiceNav’s IT weather and personalized dashboards allow everyone, even those who are not IT experts, to obtain a global and clear view of the performance of services.


What is the added value of the ServiceNav solution?

ServiceNav provides enhanced transparency. The IT Department is the servant of our internal users.

One of the innovative features offered by ServiceNav is the ability to perform user simulations, to replicate and test the availability and performance levels of the different applications used by the associate lawyers of the French, Moroccan and Luxembourg associate lawyers.

The ongoing integration of the ServiceNav Dashboard into the group’s intranet will allow the various employees – they are between 350 and 400 spread across the 3 countries – to know immediately if the applications they need are available or not.

Finally, the support offered by Coservit is also important. It is a reactive and collaborative team that has been able to assist us in the rapid deployment of the solution. Today, consideration is being made to deploy ServiceNav across Baker McKenzie’s global infrastructure.


November 2017.



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