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“We just bought new equipment, but I cannot find plugins for it in your catalog. Is it possible to monitor it? ”

“Of course … we’re going to need an SNMP MIB to discover what’s possible”

Analysis of the MIB, specification of a plugin, validation, development, test, deployment, implementation of the service template –  these are all steps on the route to new monitoring.

This is the typical scenario when a customer has a piece of kit/ software not presently supported by ServiceNav.

And can the new monitoring be delivered via a single plugin?


Monitoring new devices, how does it work?

Even with its 1,200 checkpoints, it may happen that our Catalog does not meet a specific need.

Also, it is important to us that our customers can rapidly expand their monitoring reach by creating their own service templates.

Servers, NAS, cameras, Wi-Fi terminals, temperature sensors; any target that implements SNMP can be monitored with our generic plugins:

  • check_snmp_oid
  • check_snmp_table_value
  • check_snmp_oid_status
  • check_snmp_table_status


These plugins allow you to:

  • Query an OID or an SNMP table,
  • Set thresholds to compare a value returned by an OID,
  • Determine status based on the value ​​returned by an OID,
  • Customize the text displayed in the ServiceNav dashboard from such a check,
  • Collect performance data to support graphing.

Just scan the MIB and create a service template using these plugins.


How do we calculate disk space by combining multiple OIDs?

The OID returns 30000 MB used: How can we have it in GB? How can we express it as a percentage?

To perform such further processing of the data, the check_snmp_operation plugin will be available from version 3.14 of ServiceNav.


Data, the heart of monitoring.

Beyond a red or green dot on a dashboard, the solution must generate relevant data that can be used in a report or IT Weather dashboard.

Sometimes the raw data alone is not enough. You need be able to manipulate it as required, combine it with other sources, transform it into a percentage, modify its base units…

With  the check_snmp_operation plugin, it is possible to:

  • Perform up to two calculations using values ​​returned by multiple OIDs,
  • Simply display up to two raw values ​​returned by two OIDs,
  • Set warning/critical thresholds,
  • Display results with customized units and text output,
  • Choose to create graphs & charts with the obtained values.

The intelligent, manipulation of data is a critical value add to ensuring the relevance of monitoring.



The creation of generic plug-ins is part of our desire to respond to the diverse needs of IT tool users.

A flexible and adaptable monitoring tool is a major asset in the ‘Plan-Check-Do-Act’ management model.

Heading the ServiceNav BU in Coservit, ISV in the IT&IoT monitoring - disruptive use cases with bigdata and AI.

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