Tracking sales leads to improve conversion

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Lead tracking is a painful task in many organizations.  In theory, it’s a straightforward enough process to map out a path from cold suspect, through interested prospect to satisfied customer.  However, often in practice it’s not a straight line with a steady pace – it’s a bit of a dance, bringing in other parties of influence to do some of the steps, perhaps moving a little bit backwards before moving forward again.

So, when a company scales up, keeping track of where everyone is within the funnel and importantly ensuring they’re receiving the right resources and communications can be a challenge.


Tracking leads



Locate the leakage

Leads can be lost at any stage.  Leakage isn’t necessarily bad, so as long as it’s due to conscious qualification, not neglect.

Leads passed from marketing to sales before they’re sufficiently qualified can be wasted.  If the current sales focus isn’t on nurturing lukewarm leads, then leads are going to leak out of the funnel.  Bouncing a lead straight back to marketing as “not qualified enough” is better than simply abandoning them.

Commonly, though, without the right systems and processes in place, leads will just not be followed up and are allowed to go cold.


It’s all about systems and processes

Systems help a lot.  A decent CRM system is essential.  Good marketing automation systems which integrate with CRM are also extremely valuable.  However, these systems only add value if the human processes can be kept sufficiently simple and workable.  The moment a task becomes too arduous, people will stop doing it and then the integrity of the system falls down.

Having tools which work together, streamlining data flow from one to the next, keeping the human processes a minimal as possible will lead to the most success is drawing your leads through the funnel safely.


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