The Coservit team were at Microsoft WPC in Toronto, Canada

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The team at Coservit were exited to attend Microsoft WPC16 this year.  Our France, UK and US regions were represented, all returning with awesome feedback for our Software, as well as new connections with partners and Microsoft executives and the all important future vision and objectives from Microsoft.


At the WPC16 we were looking for a statement from MS executives on how they will help the channel and their priorities for 2017 onward.

Satya Nadella opened up with a diagram of digital transformation that should impact every business going forward, in case we did not notice from last year.


Digital transformation

Talking to Microsoft partners “You’re going to have a very different business model,” Nadella said. “It’s no longer about one monolithic suite and its deployment.”

With the help of AI, Cortina and bots, MS is displaying its intelligent cloud ambition. And with the use of Azure/Azure stack hybrid could solution, partners can really help transform their customer’s business adapting to a changing world of digitalization.

Then during day 2 a lot of topics were discussed from O365 and its benefits over Google apps and AppSource, the new online store oriented business app that can help partners as well.

Security was an ongoing topic during the conference and EMS (identity + mobile mgt + -security), which keeps employees productive on their favorite apps and mobile, is growing fast.

Later during the conference, Judson Althoff, recently appointed executive vice president for Worldwide Commercial Business, shared Microsoft’s success metrics.


microsoft success metrics


As well as the success metrics, Judson shared Microsoft’s FY17 priorities from a sales perspective:


microsoft FY17 priorities

To help deliver on their  third priority, Propel Windows 10 Enterprise Deployment, Coservit has developed our LeadSeed sales and marketing solution to help Microsoft and their partners to drive better qualified leads through an online self-assessment tool.


Microsoft Self-Assessment

To see how a campaign works through the eyes of an end-user prospect, take the quick and easy:


Answer the questions however you like and see how LeadSeed reflects your choices and adapts the recommendations in the report that is emailed to you upon conclusion. The whole process only takes a few minutes.
If you have any questions about how LeadSeed works or would like to see a full demo, please contact us.

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