LeadSeed Discovery helps organisations to adopt solution selling as standard

A consultative selling approach is often difficult for a sales team to deliver consistently. LeadSeed Discovery helps organisations to adopt solution selling as standard, in a face-to-face or telesales setting, regardless of the skills and experience of the team.

LeadSeed Discovery signposts the sales person around the subject matter, enabling them to delve deeper into a prospect’s situation to develop a broader understanding of their needs and priorities. The structure promotes confidence when discussing new propositions.


LeadSeed Discovery overcomes challenges commonly faced by inside sales teams by:

    • Enabling high quality, relevant conversations
    • Efficiently and consistently identifying opportunities
    • Recording insightful customer data
    • Developing sales capabilities
    • Providing the call to action for training activities



Flexibility built in

The platform is entirely customisable, meaning that the content can be adapted to make the perfect call for any proposition or solution.

automatic report 

Automated reporting

At the end of the meeting or call, the business intelligence engine provides an automated report, assessing the current environment status of the respondent and positioning solutions to address needs or weaknesses.

structured conversation 

Sales Development

The structure provides a safe learning environment and ensures a consistently high standard delivery from any member of the sales team. Signposting throughout allows the sales person to build rapport and credibility while delivering a sophisticated solutions sales message. LeadSeed expands the sales person’s comfort zone by prompting the questions to ask and providing appropriate value propositions at the right points in response to the customer’s specific feedback.

Key features & benefits

dashboard discovery

For your customers
  • Free analysis of their business
  • Confidence from consultative approach
  • Personalized report to help build business case
For your company
  • Improved, consistent conversations through focused structure during meetings or phone calls
  • Time saving automated and customisable reports
  • Identification and tracking of more new business opportunities

questionnaire discovery


We booked 73 meetings as a result of this campaign. Within the first 3 weeks we had submitted 15 proposals and closed one opportunity. The campaign was very efficient for both sales and marketing. The assessment report was a great reason for the customer to accept a follow up meeting from us.
Julie Perrin, OCI

We successfully achieved both of our objectives through this activity. We secured meetings with our top target prospect accounts and also significantly increased our sales pipeline. We were pleased that we were able to… Read more about the sales performance of SCC
Jean Marc Delage, SCC France

This campaign was helpful in promoting HP within our sales team. The profile of the campaign and the structure of the assessment made a significant impact on the level of sales engagement. The process also improved the knowledge of the sales team around the HP and Microsoft OEM solution.
Adeline Larmarque, Scriba