Who We Help

To hit ambitious new business targets, sales and marketing functions need to work as one team, feeding insight and direction back and forth as prospects and customers travel through the pipeline.

Many sales managers are now finding that they have too many tools, so their teams spend too much time managing them and not enough time selling. LeadSeed integrates back into other systems and develops skills around sales best practice to provide a big step forward.

  • Improving lead identification and qualification
  • Increasing lead-to-sale conversion rates
  • Supporting training with a meaningful call to action
  • Broadening scope of sales enquiries
  • Improving efficiency of sales engagements
  • Improving quality and consistency of sales follow up
  • Providing tracking and monitoring of opportunities

LeadSeed makes our customers more successful by turning good marketing campaigns into defined sales funnel. The platform provides a clear understanding of where prospects are in the funnel and all the information your sales teams need to be able to approach prospects with a tailored proposition from the first interaction.

  • Stimulating prospect engagement
  • Collecting rich prospect data
  • Aligning sales with marketing activity
  • Improving lead acceptance rates
  • Providing valuable digital campaign content
  • Providing reporting and CRM integration