The importance of context in the marketing process

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Marketo and Coservit join forces to deliver seamless integration while providing an effective way to qualify leads and increase customer engagement.


It is commonly recognized by marketing specialists that regular communication of targeted content is key to making the prospect nurturing process successful.

To be able to target and optimize that content, one must first understand the situation, the needs and expectations of the prospect.  Gathering intelligence at this stage can be a significant challenge for marketers.

To be in a position to efficiently characterize needs very early in the buying cycle of a prospect, Marketo recruited Coservit and its LeadSeed solution as a technology partner within our LaunchPoint program” explains Mr Robert Gavin, Director at Marketo

Typically, the prospect also needs to define for themselves their situation and challenges before he/she can start the process of collecting information and evaluating solutions to finally agree to meet a sales rep.  LeadSeed effectively addresses this whole process in one step.

Mr Jean-Luc Le Colleter Business Development Director at Coservit says “Our LeadSeed solution provides, via an online questionnaire on a specific subject, automatic customized assessment reports highlighting the situation, best practices, areas for improvement and an action plan. The report can be given to the prospect either by email or in person by the sales rep during a follow up meeting.


The value and differentiating nature of this approach is evident in the:

  1. Integration in a digital campaign with a call to action related to the campaign theme
  2. Benefit for the prospect in the form of a personalized evaluation report as opposed to a generic white paper
  3. Benefit for the seller who captures quickly and efficiently the prospect’s needs, or contributes to the emergence of these needs
  4. Enrichment of the prospect’s profile data and scoring level in the Marketo and /or the CRM Database of the seller
  5. Reduction of the sales cycle through an effective and focussed follow up meeting

Mr Robert Gavin, Director at Marketo concluded: “We have recognized the complementary nature of Coservit’s LeadSeed solution with our Marketing Automation solution and validated its integration into our business processes. Some of our major customers in the IT and energy industries have already seen value in this synergy.

For more information on Coservit LeadSeed:

  • Renaud Vasseur Coservit US: +1 (201) 336 2976
  • Antony YOUNG: Coservit UK: +44 (0) 7767 3010204
  • Jean-Luc LE COLLETER Business Dev Director: +33 (0) 677 13 95 87


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