HPE Cloud Builder – LeadSeed 360 – Case Study

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HPE Grows Cloud Builder Pipeline and EMEA Channel with LeadSeed 360

Stephane Bureau, Cloud Channel Marketing Manager EMEA, HPE, is responsible for enabling around 120 HPE Cloud Builder partners to successfully develop a pipeline and sell HPE Cloud Solutions across EMEA. Below Stephane explains his engagement with Coservit on this project.

The Situation

The HPE Cloud Helion portfolio involves private, public and managed clouds as well as hardware, software and service elements, so it is not a straightforward sell. Many of the Cloud Builder partners have long established partnerships with HPE and a strong pedigree in delivering hardware solution to their customers. However, selling cloud was difficult for a majority of partner sales reps, so a new mechanism was needed to help speed up growth.

The Challenge

The sales approach for cloud solutions requires a consultative engagement.  We realised that many of the sales people within our Cloud Builder partners were not confident and found kicking off this complex conversation with their customers to be challenging.

Our objectives for this initiative were therefore twofold:

  • To build a pipeline of leads
  • To coach solution selling to the channel salesforce

Being successful required a new methodology which supported sales people far beyond the initial solution training. LeadSeed 360 provided the consultative selling platform to deliver this consistently in multiple territories and languages over a period of two years.

The Solution

The first step for me was to design the questionnaire and the report which would provide the right information to qualify prospects’ challenges and priorities. Defining the right set of questions was not easy and required a combination of my expertise in selling the HPE solution and Coservit’s experience of delivering LeadSeed successfully through other IT channel partners. We worked together to define the best set of questions for a sales person to be confident in delivering, wasn’t too technical or time consuming, but still delivered an understanding of the prospect’s situation.

Coservit’s understanding of partner sales reps’ behaviour helped me to shape the questionnaire, the report and the rollout of the programme.

The configurability of LeadSeed was very appealing. We were able to design the solution to deliver exactly what we needed in order to make the programme a success. During the first implementation, we realised that one of the key success factors to ensuring follow- up, was the new bi-weekly set of automated reports which provided all the stakeholders with a progress report of performance after the activity kick-off.

Following a couple of pilot implementations, the next step was to roll out the tool to the local sales leads in the different countries. The tool was picked up more readily where it was perceived to be the right mechanism to support the partners in the specific territory.

The new reporting function was highly significant because we believe that this tool is the first to offer HPE channel management and partner sales management a means of tracking, controlling and tuning joint initiatives to support sales reps.

The implementation process starts with identifying one person to be the programme owner and a small group of sales people within the partner to provide us with focus and control. We, or a local consultancy agency, provide training on the solution as well as coaching on consultative selling. Finally, we provide training on how to use the LeadSeed 360 platform, deliver the questionnaire and develop the findings within the added value report.

It is important to note that in the HPE Cloud Builder LeadSeed implementation, the sales reps are not directly selling anything. They are assessing the prospect or client’s readiness to adopt cloud solutions with a view to detecting potential projects. The report output of the assessment, which is automatically generated, provides the sales person with an easy follow up after the initial engagement.

This approach is a shift in behaviour for the partners and a positive approach for the prospect/client who is easier to engage in a conversation which enables him/her to consolidate their own thoughts about cloud readiness.

The Result

We have seen the most impact from the partners who have consistently applied the methodology by putting time in their diary each week for assessment appointments. As the sales people become familiar with the approach and the questionnaire, they become more fluent in their conversations on the phone or face to face with customers with or without the support of the tool.

So far, we have introduced the concept of LeadSeed to 22 partners in 9 countries. To date we have gone live with 12 of them with hundreds of leads being generated. The highest take-up has been in the smaller territories where the partners are less established and there is very good cooperation between the partner and HPE.

In Poland, the value of LeadSeed has been to provide a platform around which we can develop channel skills, identify new business opportunities and build sales momentum for this challenging solution sale. We have already closed a $1m deal with a customer who is new to HPE and new to the partner as a direct result of this initiative and have more in the pipeline. The consultative selling approach has opened up a relationship for the same partner in a customer they have been selling hardware to for over ten years, revealing significant new potential revenue.
Dorota Grudzien-Molenda, CEE&I Hybrid Cloud Indirect Sales Manager at HPE, HPE Poland.

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