Technology partners

Our Technology partners enable us to integrate LeadSeed with other sales and marketing platforms for maximum process efficiency


Marketo – LeadSeed integrates with Marketo to match a respondent’s survey results back to their record within Marketo to ensure that all available intelligence on the customer or prospect is held in one place.

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Marketing Cloud

Eloqua – Oracle – LeadSeed integrates with Eloqua to record a respondent’s survey result into their existing record within Eloqua to ensure that all data on the customer or prospect is held in the same place.



Salesforce – LeadSeed builds on the concept of Salesforce automation by extending the process to the sales conversation.  The structure and signposting within the application supports sales people to have professional, confident conversations with customers to improve opportunity identification rates.

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If you would like to find a LeadSeed Partner or to become one, please contact us for more information.