Know the customer inside out

LeadSeed 360 is a unique, innovative platform which supports the experienced sales person in their quest to dominate a customer account by enabling them to enquire more deeply into the customer’s strategies, priorities and challenges.

Armed with this knowledge they can identify potential sales opportunities in the short and long term and use the intelligence gained to closely align solutions to those opportunities.

LeadSeed 360 avoids stale customer relationships by:

  • Facilitating broader and deeper engagement
  • Expanding sales comfort zones
  • Identifying and tracking potential opportunities


engage in conversation

Engage in conversation

LeadSeed 360 provides structure to build a complete picture of the customer account and identify potential sales opportunities in the short and long term.  Using a narrative style around a series of structured questions an account manager can build rapport and credibility while gathering information on pre-defined subject areas.

Record the intelligence 

Record the intelligence

Responses to questions are input into the platform via drop down menus or simple text fields, building a rich and valuable database of knowledge and insight.

present the results 

Present the results

The platform takes the content of the customer conversation and presents it back in a professionally formatted automated report. The report summarize the current situation, demonstrating an understanding, and then moves on to position strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for further enhancement. This saves the sales person time in analysis and report writing while still offering the opportunity to personalize further before presentation to the client.

Key features & benefits

For your company


  • Full assessment with more than 300 questions
  • Support for sales team to broaden comfort zones on a wider range of themes
  • Structure for true consultative sales approach
  • Visibility of sales engagement


dashboard 360

For your customers


  • A free, comprehensive and personalized analysis of their business
  • Confidence from consultative approach
  • Documented recommendations to help build business case


questionnaire 360


“The Coservit 360 assessment tool has enabled us to transform our business.  The support we have had from Coservit – including action plans on how to make the most of the platform deployment – has been crucial to the success of the project.  We perceive this to be a long term…”Read more about the business opportunity for Ricoh
T. Collins – IT Services Business Line Director, Ricoh France