Monitoring DataCore SANsymphony-V


If you monitor Datacore from a central console, you must provide a valid Login and Password of a Windows user with access to powershell on the Datacore SANSymphony.


The template “Datacore Service” can monitor the following versions:

  • SANsymphony-V version 10.0 PSP3 or greater


Monitoring DataCore

To monitor the SANsymphony-V solution, we offer 8 checkpoints:


DATACORE-PS-Client-Status: Checks the status of DataCore SANsymphony connections to remote machines.

DATACORE-PS-Physical-Disk-Status: The status of configured physical disks.

DATACORE-PS-Pool-Disk-Status: The status of configured Disk Pools.

DATACORE-PS-Snapshot-Status: The status of snapshots made in SANsymphony DATACORE. Returns the type and state of the snapshot and the date of last snapshot.

DATACORE-PS-Virtual-Disk-Status: The status  and replication status of configured Virtual Disks.

DATACORE-PS-Alert-level: Display DATACORE SANSymphony alerts. Filtering on alert severity is possible.

DATACORE-PS-Port-Metric: Collect metrics for a port connected to DATACORE SANSymphony . Alerts if port is disconnected

DATACORE-PS-Port-Status: Reports the status of ports on the DATACORE SANSymphony. Alerts if at least one port is not connected.


  • Domain (optional).
  • Account and password of a user with read access rights to DataCore SANsymphony.
  • Name of DataCore SANsymphony.